The evening will be packed with a keynote speech from Audrey Salkeld, followed by a 36th anniversary celebration of the successful 1978 American Women’s Himalayan Expedition. After a screening and commentary of Dyanna Taylor’s documentary film about climbing Annapurna all the surviving members from the team will share this grand adventure. The evening will end with with a brief commentary from Jan Sacherer.


Speakers include: Arlene Blum, Irene Beardsley, Janie Taylor, Jan Sacherer, Elaine Mathews, Cherry Schacher (Merritt), Rosie Andrews, Jill Lawrence, Annie Whitehouse, Kitty Calhoun, Maria Cranor, Mari Gingery, Beth Bennett, Carla Firey, Ellie Hawkins, Sibylle Hechtel, Barb Eastman-Kimbrough, Sally Moser and Beth Wald. Speakers list subject to change.


Speakers include: Beth Rodden, Madaleine Sorkin, Heidi Wirtz, Pamela Shanti Pack and Mayan Smith-Gobat. Speakers list may be subject to change.